February 18, 2018

One Million Moms calls for Nabisco boycott


One Million Moms  is calling Nabisco’s latest “This is Wholesome” ad campaign nothing more than “sexual perversion” since it features a same sex couple with kids. What do you think?  

More Educators Boycott Standardized Tests


Teachers at Garfield High School, Seattle’s largest high school, said in December that they would take a pass on giving the latest Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test, a diagnostic tool that also screens students for remedial or gifted classes. Given several times a year, it’s also used indirectly to rate teachers, but Garfield teachers… Read more

Wisconsin Sudents Boycott Healthier School Lunches


70% of the 830 students who normally buy lunch at Mukwonago High School in Wisconsin opted out of their school’s hot lunch since the junk factor has gone down while the price for more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables has gone slightly up. Pam Harris, the Mukwonago district food service supervisor and a registered dietitian,… Read more

Boycott Budweiser, Save the Children

Pine Ridge child

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof explains why he’s boycotting Anheuser-Busch, arguing that the mega brewery is exploiting Pine Ridge, one of the oldest Indian reservations in America, so severely that “as many as two-thirds of adults there may be alcoholics, and one-quarter of the children are born suffering from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.”  Read… Read more