February 24, 2018

Teen Fundraising for Boston Marathon Survivors

teen fundraises for boston marathon

Harris Stolzenberg, a 17-year-old from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., knows what it’s like when a loved one’s life is traumatically changed forever. His brother Michael, 13, is a quadruple amputee. Now he’s planning to run the Boston Marathon in 2014 for those families who also have a loved one healing from amputation. Read more

My Child’s Teacher Was 50 Feet from the Boston Marathon Explosion

Boston Marathon explosion

By Julie Samrick For weeks we wished her well, happy that our friend and children’s teacher would be fulfilling her lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon.  Here is the article that I wrote about her retelling of what happened during the Boston Marathon explosion as a reporter for our regional California newspaper, The Mountain… Read more