January 23, 2018

Boys more likely than girls to be born early

Boys are slightly more likely to be born premature than girls, and they tend to fare worse, too, says a new report on the health of the world’s newborns. Read more

Woman gives birth to rare identical triplets

rare identical triplets

A U.K. woman has given birth to identical triplets – the ultra-rare result of a single fertilized egg dividing into three separate embryos. Read more  

Massachusetts Baby Born at 12:12 on 12/12/12


Little Noelle Joy Klinker’s mother was ready to push at 12:11, but purposely held back for the special arrival time. Read more

OB Says 11/11/11 Will Break Global Birth Records

image from myhealthnewsdaily.com

Many parents-to-be see this date as a mystical sign, and – much like 7/7/07 – are planning their cesarean sections and inductions accordingly.  Read more 

How 9/11 Changed My View of Starting a Family


I was a high school teacher on September 11, 2001, not yet a mother.  My husband and I had been married just over a year and we’d recently decided it was time to start a family. Like many hopeful couples we had it planned down to exactly what season I should conceive (Ok maybe it… Read more