February 18, 2018

Best summer book recommendations

summer book recommendations

Summer means the tantalizing prospect of having more time for reading stretches ahead of us — long, lazy summer days curled up with a book. With that in mind, Newbery Award-winning author Kate DiCamillo shared some summer book recommendations for readers ages 8-13 with NPR’s Melissa Block. DiCamillo is the author of Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tale of Despereaux,… Read more

Latino Kids Want to See More of Themselves in Books

latino student

Calling “Dora the Explorer” an outlier, 25% of students today are Latino and they say they don’t see enough characters like themselves in the media and in literature.  Read more

Olympic Titles for Kids of All Ages


By Julie Samrick In anticipation of the 2012 Games, here are some books with Olympic themes for every reader in your family.   How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals What does it take to earn 8 gold medals? Michael Phelps takes us inside his world: Napping away three summer vacations? Eating… Read more

100 Greatest Kids’ Books

charlottes web

The list, compiled by Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine, has Charlotte’s Web in the top spot, but the 1947 classic Goodnight Moon comes in a close second.  Why is Harry Potter only #6?  Judges say since the series is only 15 years old, it still needs to stand the test of time.  View the entire list  What do… Read more

5 Great Science Books for Kids

image from parentdish.com

Dinosaurs, the human body, physics, and more.  Read what 5 books one science writer recommends to make Science come alive for kids.

Brass Monkeys Book Review by Sel Richard


Brass Monkeys by Terry Caszatt A rollicking adventure about a student in a school being overtaken by boring teachers, Brass Monkeys is a ride that your child will surely enjoy.  Reminiscent of Percy Jackson with a plethora of unique characters and fast-paced plot twists, Brass Monkeys is a page turner filled with exciting action, fierce… Read more

Not Your Mother’s Mother Goose


by Shannon Hembree Where is my parenting manual? I ask this question all the time, and the response is always the same – crickets, nada, nothing. Is it too much to ask that when a sticky situation arises, I have a quick-reference guide to turn to for help?   Last night I was reading my… Read more

CLOSED Animal Lover Giveaway- Books and a $25 Gift Card

Author on her farm

The winner is revealed on our Facebook page Author Kathleen Callaghan Mendenhall blends animal facts and fantastic story lines into the 4 children’s books of her “Giggling Goats & Buddy Too” series.   All of the characters in Mendenhall’s books are based on the real goats and guard dogs she and her husband, Farmer B.,… Read more

3-year-old Ryan can read! Watch for yourself…

Jobe boys


The Truth Behind Banned Books Week

hunger games

Since 1982 the last week of September is Banned Book Week.  Read the list of most challenged books of 2010. Columnist Jonah Goldberg recently explained why he believes the tradition is just hype and why the word “banned” itself is a tool of propaganda. He rallies behind concerned parents and other citizens who he argues are just… Read more