February 24, 2018

20 best to worst kids’ movies of 2013

best to worst kids' movies

By Julie Samrick If you’re thinking of renting a family DVD in the New Year, check out this list of best to worst choices to watch with your kids.   Frozen is the best movie of 2013 because every age will enjoy it equally. The cinematography is breathtaking and the full musical soundtrack is on par with… Read more

Where have all the English majors gone?

English major

English majors learn critical thinking, a skill that’s applied to any career.  So why are less college students taking English as a major?  Read more

Best Disney Restaurants

Best Disney Restaurants

Sure Disneyland resorts and theme parks are great, but their restaurants have won numerous awards and accolades. Check out the best Disney restaurants for every occasion.

Turning to Police to Stand Guard for School Safety

police to stand guard for school safety

Since Columbine and now Newtown, more schools are turning to police officers to stand guard for school safety, but is this an effective solution? Read more

Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials


By Julie Samrick The Go Daddy commercial with the model french kissing the not-as-good-looking guy was by far the worst commercial to me. It was awkward with kids sitting there and they aired it right after kick off when all eyes were still on the screen. On a lighter note, just seeing PSY of “Gangnam… Read more

What Kids Need More Than Anything When They Misbehave

bad behavior

Parents tend to equate unconditional love with accepting behavior, not transforming it.  I know that when I want to let my kids know I’m not happy about something, saying it in a loving way isn’t what comes to mind first.  If I’m loving, they may think I’m accepting their behavior. Right? Wrong. Read why this is… Read more

Best American Cities for Families


Parenting magazine has done their research and they’ve compiled their annual list of the best places for American families to live.  Where does your city rank?  Read more

100 Greatest Kids’ Books

charlottes web

The list, compiled by Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine, has Charlotte’s Web in the top spot, but the 1947 classic Goodnight Moon comes in a close second.  Why is Harry Potter only #6?  Judges say since the series is only 15 years old, it still needs to stand the test of time.  View the entire list  What do… Read more

To clean glass and mirrors, use coffee filters, not paper towels. They leave no streaks or lint — and they’re cheap.


Best Apps for Kids: Fun, But Good for Their Minds Too

Highlights for HIdden Pictures

“As a parent who is prone to guilt attacks when my own daughter spends too much time in front of a screen, no matter what its size, my aim was to find that sweet spot that falls somewhere between the ruthless thrill of hurling birds at pigs and the rigor of dividing fractions.”  Here is the list compiled… Read more