February 24, 2018

Skipping grades is rare, but it might just save the world

skipping grades

By Jay Mathews When Linda Mc­Veigh began second grade at Kit Carson Elementary School in Lawndale, Calif., her teacher saw she was far ahead. She had learned to read at age four from her 12-year-old aunt. The blonde 7-year-old from a rural Oklahoma family was funny and talkative. Her math scores were very high. The… Read more

Why summer school is a good thing

summer school

For years, Jennifer Dresmich, a middle school teacher in Pittsburgh, saw students come back from summer vacation further behind than when they left. Read more This news story echoes an article I wrote in 2012. Read A case for year-round school.

Why Fathers Are Happier Than Their Childless Friends


The benefits of being a father far outweigh any frustrations or worry.  Read more about this interesting study published in TIME this week, which shows why dads in particular are happier than non parents.

Coach and Be Coached

coach-youth sports

My husband was asked to coach one of the 4th grade basketball teams in our city’s upcoming youth league.  Normally eager to coach- he has coached our boys’ baseball and soccer teams each of the past three years- he agreed, but with trepidation since he never played organized basketball himself.   He said yes because… Read more

Co-op Camps are the Answer


One of the most exciting hallmarks of turning three years old (for Moms and tots alike) is the invitation for budding preschoolers to join summer day camps.    Spring advertisements tote all the ways tots can fill their summer days making crafts, reading stories, learning new languages, and more—all for a hefty price, of course…. Read more

Brothers and Sisters are a Must

sibling effect book

  Senior Time writer and scientist Jeffrey Kluger’s new book The Sibling Effect: What the Bonds among Brothers and Sisters Reveal about Us sheds light on the benefits of having multiple siblings, namely that siblings relationships are the longest lasting bond any of us will have. Using his own fond memories of being one of 4 children, Kluger… Read more

The Importance of Support Groups

By the time I had my fourth child I had outgrown my mothers’ club, the same mothers’ club that quickly became my lifeline when we first moved to this area eight years ago. My involvement in it mostly consisted…Read more about support groups at Sacramento Parent