January 20, 2018

Teen starts ‘Light it Up Blue’ event for Autism Awareness

Matthias Zierhut

By Julie Samrick Matthais Zierhut has prepared for this role his whole life. The 16-year-old high school sophomore is the planner and coordinator of his town’s first Light It Up Blue event in recognition of World Autism Awareness Day on Wednesday, April 2. Autism Speaks created the campaign where more than 1,300 cities spanning all… Read more

Autism linked with environmental toxins


While the underlying causes of autism are still not fully understood, many health experts believe that genetics, environmental factors or a combination of the two are to blame. Now, a new meta-analysis has revealed that toxins in the environment may play a much more significant role in the formation of this neurodevelopmental disorder than previously… Read more

My Son has High-Functioning Autism


By Katie Guldbech My son was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism in May 2009, one month shy of his 5th birthday.  We never suspected that he might be on the Autism Spectrum.  Honestly, my husband and I didn’t really know what the Autism Spectrum was.  Our only clue of what Autism might be was from the… Read more

Placentas Linked to Autism


A study suggests that in families at high genetic risk of having a child on the autism spectrum, placentas were significantly more likely to have abnormal folds and creases. Read more

Advantages of Autism


At first thinking their autistic toddler would have more disadvantages than most kids, one family discovers key areas where their son, and other autistic children and adults, are actually at an advantage. Read more 

Are Older Fathers Behind the Rising Rates of Autism?


It’s been in the news this week that a father’s age at conception points to whether or not a child will develop autism, and even schizophrenia. Read all about it here. Yet one mother over on Blogher says, “Wait just a minute!”  Read her calm, well researched post here.

New Study Links Rising Obesity to Higher Autism Rates

pregnant and overweight

A new study out of UC Davis correlates pregnant women who are diabetic or overweight with a greater chance of having a child with autism.  Read more

Autism Rate Rises 25%


One out of 88 children in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, according to the latest estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more

School Anxiety: A Common Issue for Children with Autism

school worries

The start to a new school year can be riddled with anxiety for any child. When you think of your first days at school, I am sure your memories are mixed with some years having a better start to the school year then others.   Going to a new school or having a new teacher in… Read more

New Study Points to Environmental Factors in Autism


An interesting read for everyone, shedding light on an epidemic many of us do not understand.  Read about it