February 21, 2018

Pride Can Only Be Earned


By Julie Samrick Can you tell what this is?  It’s a clay gorilla, created in its entirety by my seven-year-old daughter.    The school assignment was to create a rain forest animal at home and to search for facts for their first little research report.  It was a great idea. I loved watching her learn… Read more

CLOSED Giveaway: Singing Plush Kitty from The Big Bang Theory


Winner announced. Thanks for participating! Next giveaway starts Sunday. My kids were given one of the new Kitty Plush toys.  It is cute and cuddly – and it also sings a song when you press its paw.  The lyrics are from an episode of The Big Bang Theory- and while the show is definitely geared toward… Read more

CLOSED Animal Lover Giveaway- Books and a $25 Gift Card

Author on her farm

The winner is revealed on our Facebook page Author Kathleen Callaghan Mendenhall blends animal facts and fantastic story lines into the 4 children’s books of her “Giggling Goats & Buddy Too” series.   All of the characters in Mendenhall’s books are based on the real goats and guard dogs she and her husband, Farmer B.,… Read more

Show this “Ultimate Dog Tease” video to any and all kids


It’ll make ‘em smile!