February 24, 2018

Child poverty on rise

child poverty

Child poverty rates in the U.S. are on the rise, but health and education trends are showing improvements—including teen pregnancy reaching a historic low, according to the annual KIDS COUNT Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Read more  

Going Diaperless


I’ve heard about it in other countries- babies being toilet trained at shockingly young ages- 5 months? How about 9 months? But now the practice of having babies go diaperless for environmental reasons or even more personal ones (aka  “elimination communication”) is happening right here at home. read more

“Escape From Planet Earth” or Really Just America?

Escape From Planet Earth

By Julie Samrick Two blue brothers from planet Baab have worked as a team to save one planet at a time for years until their latest challenge has called them to Earth, otherwise known as “The Dark Planet.”  Scorch Supernova is a brawny, bachelor astronaut, while his nerdy brother Gary is a family man, content… Read more

‘How the States Got Their Shapes’ is a Gem

Host Brian Unger

  By Julie Samrick Did you know that hundreds of years ago even the first American settlers wanted waterfront property, which is what in large part shaped the borders of the first states? Or that California is shaped the way it is because of gold?  Did you know there was a state (now a part… Read more

Wanted: More College Degree Holders


Even though the Census Bureau recently noted a historic high in the number of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree, 38% of Americans to date, that level needs to rise to 60% by 2025 to keep up with global and workplace demands.  Read more about it

The X Factor Parents

x factor

My kids think it’s funny when I cry from something on TV that moves me. Call me a sap, but it’s already happened on The X Factor a few times. Even though there have only been a few episodes so far, the tear-jerking moments have come from watching the families that come to root on… Read more

More Americans Want Baby Boys


For generations Americans have preferred baby boys to baby girls, following in the footsteps of other countries today with one child policies where some actually have to make that choice.  What this article doesn’t answer is why. What do you think? Read the article

1 in 4 children in US raised by a single parent

Image from allaboutmotherhood.com

One in four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent — a percentage that has been on the rise and is higher than other developed countries, according to a report released Wednesday. Read the rest of this story…