January 20, 2018

33 inexpensive summer activities for kids

inexpensive summer activities

By KaixinFun Keeping kids busy while they are at home during the warm summer months is a challenge for any parent, older sibling or babysitter. It’s not easy to fill an 8 hour+ day with fun activities for your little ones. Thankfully, some brilliant people online came up with some fun (and safe) ways to… Read more

Fun Facts About Fathers Day

Father's Day inspiration

By Julie Samrick It’s no coincidence that Fathers’ Day is in June, but could there be a better month for dads to revel in our gratitude?  There are barbecues to be had, baseball games to attend, and other fun, outdoorsy things like fishing and special camping trips.    It was Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane,… Read more

10 Earth Day Ideas for Families

earth day

By Lowry Manders This Earth Day, Reconnect with Nature and with Your Family 10 Talking Points and Family Ritual Ideas for Earth Day or any day: Write a “Thank-You” Note to “Mother Earth”, get your whole family involved, and find out what everyone appreciates most about nature. A rainy day? The smell of honeysuckle? The… Read more

Talking With Your Children About Martin Luther King Jr.


By Lowry Manders Perhaps you have made plans to see a movie on your day off with the children, or to go shopping at the mall. Or perhaps your kids will be with a sitter while you’re at work – I know, not all of us get this national holiday off! May I humbly suggest… Read more

Monthly Family Craft Projects Delivered to Your Door


“I want to do cwafts,” has been a refraining theme ever since my now 6-year-old daughter could talk.  She’s lost her lazy r, but she still wants to do crafts all of the time and so does her little sister.  I try to think of ideas, but oftentimes we simply color.  Either way, spending time… Read more

Why “Slow Parenting” Is The Perfect Recipe

bubbles kids

What is “slow parenting” and how is such a thing possible in this day and age, especially with older children?  Read about it

Too Many Activities Are Driving Us All Mad

too many activities

By Julie Samrick My husband gave me a knowing look as other moms and I clamored at a school event to discuss day camps for our older children this summer.  I’ve never been big on sending my kids to camp, but relish the freedom from constricted schedules that summer brings.  Yet as my son is… Read more

12 Earth Day Activities to Do With Kids

image from bakerella.com

1. Take a hike. 2. Build a fort and camp out in the dark 3.Make Earth Day treats Read the rest of the list.  What else could you add?

Play “Question Ball” To Get Kids Talking

icebreaker question ball

You can play Question Ball anytime you’d like an icebreaker activity- at a birthday party, Girl Scout/ Cub Scout meeting, or just at home with family. Blow up a medium sized beach ball and write questions with sharpie on the ball.  The kids toss (not throw) ball to each other while music plays.  When music… Read more

The Importance of Family Meetings

family meeting

by Joyce Davison One of my fondest memories raising our four girls was having our family meetings. We would meet once a week around the kitchen table where everyone was present, including Mom and Dad. The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was important to the family, and what plans we could… Read more