February 24, 2018

6-year-old Tuscon Girl Last Seen Friday at Bedtime

Isabel Mercedes

Isabel Mercedes was tucked into bed Friday night by both her parents and hasn’t been seen since.  Police are calling the case “a suspicious disappearance and possible abduction.”  Our thoughts go out to the family and  hope that Isabel is found quickly.  Read more

14-year-old raped by inmates for 4 days


A Brazilian girl escaped over the weekend from a men’s prison in Brazil after being repeatedly raped by inmates.  She says a woman drugged her and then took her to the prison to charge inmates money for sex.  After posting just last week  on Kid Focused about the growing prevalence of sex trafficking around the… Read more

For 40 Years Newborns Were Routinely Abducted in Spain

NY Times

The mystery for hundreds of Spanish families is finally unraveling as it’s finally confirmed many newborns were abducted under Francisco Franco’s rule. Read the story at the NY Times