February 22, 2018

VIDEO: Infant twins talking to each other

twins talking

Infant twins Grayson and Griffin engage in a deep conversation…  

VIDEO: 0 to 14 in 4 minutes

0 to 14

A father films his daughter every week from birth until she’s 14-years-old.  The results give new meaning to the phrase, “She grew up before my eyes.”  

Kids react to rotary phones

kids react to rotary phone

If you are a person of a certain age, you remember what it was like to use a rotary phone—the slow process of dialing, the weird clicking sound the wheel made. These kids in the latest video from Benny and Rafi Fine are too young for that. Watch how adorably perplexed they are when this relic is placed… Read more

Funny kid notes

funny kid notes

  These funny kid notes were written in all seriousness, but most are laugh out loud funny..view more

Watch this precious angel react to the emotion of music at such a young age

react to music at such a young age

Check out this 4th grader’s “enviromercial” about recycling


The following enviromercial (a commerical about an environmental issue) was submitted by 4th grader James and his family from California. James is on his elementary school’s Nature Bowl team and they just won the county title.  They are moving on to the regional competition next month and want to spread the word about the important… Read more

Kira Stone Offers Clean Songs for Kids

kira stone

 By LaDawn Stone    I’m sure you’d agree that positive, clean music for our kids is something that is in short supply these days.    My 16-year-old niece, Kira Stone, just produced a song she titled “Peter Pan,” which would make a really great song for an end-of-season or end-of-year montage for kids.   Kira… Read more

Emily-Anne Rigal is a Teen Who Plans to Stop Cyber-Bullying

Emily-Ann Rigal

By Julie Samrick At 16 years old, Virginia teenager Emily-Anne Rigal decided instead of feeling sad about the bullying she’d endured she’d help others going through the same thing.  “I wanted to live where teens live, to get inside their heads, and that’s online,” she said.   So at 16 Rigal founded WeStopHate.org, a site… Read more

8-year-old Caleb LOVES Cars

Artwork by 8-year-old Caleb

Caleb is an 8-year-old boy so interested in all aspects of cars he and his Dad have started a blog devoted to all things CARS, called Caleb on Speed.  He builds and collects cars, draws pictures, and even writes reviews of cars and shows. If you enjoyed this post “Like” us on Facebook for updates on more posts… Read more

Carly Rose Sonenclar is the Next Big Thing


By Julie Samrick When I watched Carly Rose Sonenclar at the judges’ homes’ episode on X Factor months ago, I predicted to my kids she’d take the 5 million dollar X Factor prize and someday be in the same league as Whitney, Mariah, and Celine.  And now she’s made it to the finals. It’s hard… Read more