February 24, 2018

Fall Into Fitness as a Family

hiking family

By Lauren Anderson Fall is here, along with school, sports and crazy schedules.  As we fall back into routine, it is easy to let some things fall by the wayside such as our own fitness.  But who is to say that we can’t incorporate our fitness program into our kids’ new schedules? Research has shown… Read more

Pop Warner Players Allegedly Offered Money to Injure Opponents

football pop warner

The president of the Tustin, Calif., Pop Warner football league and the coach of an elite team there have been suspended while the national organization investigates allegations that 10 and 11-year-old  players were offered cash incentives as high as $50 to intentionally injure their opponents. Read more

Letting It All Hang Out

room changing

By Ann Van De Water My girls and I are at odds in the embarrassment department lately.  They have reached the point where they are getting more easily embarrassed by the day and I am getting less so.  They even find moi embarrassing.  What do I do that is embarrassing?  I play the radio too… Read more

Breath Holding is Part of Swimming Experience


Recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN did a report on shallow water blackouts and that breath holding should be banned in pools.  Read why water safety experts say this isn’t the full story.  Read more

Gabrielle Douglas Has More Character Than We Knew

Gabby Douglas

By Julie Samrick Our first African American all-around gold medalist in women’s gymnastics is also just a young girl with the same issues many high school kids her age have.   Gabrielle (who likes her formal name instead of Gabby) sat down with Oprah recently and explained how the racism and bullying she experienced at… Read more

How Coaches Can Better Develop Young Athletes

coach-youth sports

They mean well, but many youth sport coaches are volunteers with little to no training. Many of these coaches treat kids like the professional athletes we see on television.  This is a big mistake… Read more

Sayonara to Summer

waterslide mom

By Ann Van De Water   It’s that time of year again.  Yep, back to school time.   What? The 100 plus degree temperatures and early August date fooled you?  Don’t get me started on the bizarre calendar of Rescue School District where my kids attend school. Seriously, come on and rescue me.    It… Read more

Banned Olympic Athlete Unveils Pervasiveness of Marijuana Use

wrestler Lee

American wrestler Stephany Lee is not contrite after officials found marijuana in her system, which got her banned from competing at the London Olympics. Instead, she explains how and why many other young athletes use the drug, and why it’s on the rise.  Read more

Better Fitness Equals Higher Grades

soccer kids

A recent study shows that fitter kids do far better in reading and math than kids who are not in good physical shape.  Read more

Olympic Spirit


By Ann Van De Water Like most people, I have been watching a lot of the Olympics this week.  The physical skills and athletic feats are inspiring.  The individual stories of the athletes, the family support, and the team spirit are heartwarming.  The patriotic exhibitions, national anthems, and flag waving are a wonderful mosaic of… Read more