January 19, 2018

What’s the point of youth sports?

coach-youth sports

Julie Samrick Finally, someone’s speaking out on the increasing madness of youth sports. A former professional athlete turned coach, now father of two, was in my town last week on one stop of a national lecture tour to promote his book “Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High Performing Athletes and Giving… Read more

Say ‘No’ to team snacks

team snacks

What I object to is the need to create a network of snack suppliers for the little league T-ball game that lasts as long as a special episode of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Are our children really so desperate for food that they cannot go even an hour without the promise of a treat? Read… Read more

At 14 Marvin Bagley III is best youth basketball in America

Marvin Bagley III just turned 14 in March, but he’s already received college scholarship offers. What’s also incredible is how humble Marvin is about all the attention. Read more Watch the 8th grader in action:  

Over the counter “Swimmer’s Ear” drops are not the same as the prescription

swimmer's ear drops

By Ann Van De Water Over the counter “Swimmer’s Ear” drops contain alcohol. The prescription is an antibiotic and does not contain alcohol. I learned this the hard way. My daughter had been complaining of ear pain so I told my husband I thought she had swimmer’s ear and that I’d make a doctor’s appointment for… Read more

The Truth About Drowning


By Mario Vittone The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach.   “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband said to his wife…. Read more

Heaviest Alligator on Record Caught By Texas Teen

heaviest alligator

An 18-year-old Fort Bend County high school senior has become the record holder for the heaviest alligator ever caught in Texas. Read more

May is The Cruelest Month


By Julie Samrick Dear Tracy, I am sorry I can’t make your bachelorette party later this month.  I would like nothing better than to kick up my heels with you and dance, to celebrate the next wonderful chapter of your life. But you see, it’s May.   It was the writer T.S. Eliot who called… Read more

My Child’s Teacher Was 50 Feet from the Boston Marathon Explosion

Boston Marathon explosion

By Julie Samrick For weeks we wished her well, happy that our friend and children’s teacher would be fulfilling her lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon.  Here is the article that I wrote about her retelling of what happened during the Boston Marathon explosion as a reporter for our regional California newspaper, The Mountain… Read more

When is it OK to Overschedule Kids?

Too many extracurricular activities have been in the news a lot in recent years, but what if your child likes all of the activities? What if he or she is a prodigy?  When is it  OK to overschedule kids?  Read more  

Why Kids Under 14 Should Not Play Tackle Football

football pop warner

Parents need not avoid tackle football entirely, but at least until 14. Why? One of the more persuasive reasons in this article…”Kids are not miniature adults. By age 4, the heads of kids are 90% of adult size. However, their necks are much weaker than an adult’s neck. The combination creates a danger.”  Read more