January 18, 2018

South Korea is ditching school textbooks

Leading the world in student test scores, South Korea will replace textbooks with tablet computers for each student.  Read why the rest of the world should take notice


  1. I think that the root of many problems with education today is the general perception that education is a race. This article mentions that without e-tablets U.S. students “may be left even farther behind their digital-savvy Asian counterparts.” Getting somewhere faster, farther, in front of another country, state, school, etc. has nothing to do with the ultimate goals of education… thinking critically, communicating effectively, acquiring skills necessary to function in society, becoming a life-long reader and learner… these are not achieved through racing. Something else to consider is that students who constantly use electronic devices are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Children are particularly vulnerable to its effects, and many long-term effects are still unknown. An e-tablet on every desk would not be a magic elixir, but the idea is food for thought.

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