February 22, 2018

“Slutty Wednesday” Students Are Brats With No Real World Perspective

By Julie Samrick

100 high school students at one of New York’s most prestigious schools protested their school’s reasonable sounding dress code of not revealing too much skin or showing underwear by holding a “Slutty Wednesday.” They dressed as provocatively as they could, and surely the name for the day was akin to giving the middle finger to administration.


“We work our asses off here and school is about learning. Clothing is not important,” said ninth grader Lucy Greider, who said she’s been sent to the office 10 times this school year for over-exposure.  If clothes aren’t important, then why can’t she just adhere to the dress code? Read more about the news story.


This story of something as superficial as clothes versus the opportunity these kids have to be at such a great school reminded me of another story we posted last month- the inspirational story out of India, where literacy and education rates have gone up substantially for girls since they received bikes to ride the long trek  to/ from school.  It was simply too long a trip for many of them to make before getting the bikes. Read more about it…


Talk about taking school for granted versus deeply appreciating the opportunities it affords… I sincerely hope the parents of the NY students who protested aren’t backing their kids on this one.


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