January 23, 2018

Kid Focused Products We Love

Got a Kid Focused product you’d like to share?  Email me


Juice Plus

Our family has taken  Juice Plus since 2008.  I can’t tell you how much time and money it has saved us in doctor visits and sick days.  My youngest was only 8 months old at the time we started taking it- I noticed she was the only one who still got colds and had a runny nose that winter.  I started slicing up the gummies that the kids take, and got her on Juice Plus too.  I signed on to be a distributor because I know we will be lifetime users. Email me if you’d like more info.


An Apple a Day Children’s Nutrition Tracker

Geared toward 2-13 year olds, this is a fun, interactive tool to help kids make their own smart food choices.


Carrie’s Cookies and Confections

These are the best cookies! Check out the selection. Carrie ships, too.