February 26, 2018

All signs point to One Direction: This is Us

One DirectionBy Julie Samrick

My seven-year-old likes One Direction and now I’m a secret admirer too.


They’re bubble gum sweet and very innocent…or the producers in the movie do a good job showing them as so. They sing the Seven Dwarves mantra, “Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to a work I go,” to amp up before a concert. They’re positive and their lyrics are clean. It’s full of music and live concert footage. It shows how a 2010 third place group on the X Factor reached global super-star status all because a group of girl mega-fans catapulted them into space. They’ve soared faster than The Beatles did at the same early phase of their careers and so far, it doesn’t seem to have gone to their heads.


There are quick interviews with girls around the world. “They’ve changed my life,” said one. “I feel like they know me,” summed up the others. All the while Harry, Liam, Louis, Nial, or Zayne’s heads are just regular guys who are close to their families.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and they love a practical joke.


They don’t claim to dance well like most boy groups or be too polished either and this is what adds to their edgy factor to young girls, and that’s just fine by me. They’re about as edgy as Prince Charming.


All in all, I’m impressed by the movie and more of a fan of One Direction now than I was before. They’re harmless role models, yet after the too frequent downfalls of other young celebrities I’m watching closely to see how the young guys of  1D handle the pressure.


Kid Focused Grades for One Direction:  


Compelling story line- A-


Strong message- C+ (it’s good to be in a group if you’re famous?)


Leading character is a role model- B (nice, down-to-earth pop stars)


Sexual or adult content – A (the boys have their shirts off in a few scenes.  No girlfriends are mentioned.


Language and Violence- A (Damn is said once or twice and the short a-word once in the final credits).


Suited for the whole family- A


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Overall Kid Focused Grade for One Direction: A-/B+

Running Time: 1 hour 35 minutes      

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