December 18, 2017

Great Snack Idea for Every Taste

Goodies Box

The first week of summer I wanted to stock up on healthy snacks for our family, but mostly for our four (always hungry) kids.  At the time beet chips from Whole Foods seemed like a great new snack idea, that is until I got home only to have them sit, untouched, in the pantry.   … Read more

Make Flower Cupcakes

flower cupcakes

By Julie Samrick My friend made these flower cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party today and I was so impressed I just have to share them with you.   This is how she makes them: Bake and frost cupcakes as usual Snip about 1/3 off a marshmallow with scissors, clipping it diagonally, which will make… Read more

Put Powder in Swim Caps to Make Them Last Longer

swim cap

Sprinkle talcum powder in rinsed swim caps to make them last longer. This prevents cracking and it’s easier to place on your child’s head for the next swim. 

Alleluia! Finally a Recipe for Homemade Pizza Crust

homemade pizza crust

Making homemade pizza crust is something I’ve tried to master for quite some time. I’ve even been known to say it’s on my bucket list. How could combining some flour, yeast, and oil be so difficult?  Why is it so cheap to buy premade dough at Trader Joe’s for $2, yet I can’t come close… Read more

How to Clean the Whole House in 15 Minutes

clean the whole house

By Julie Samrick This weekend my kids wanted to go to the park.  They wanted to swim.  My husband said, “We need one day to clean up. Every room in the house looks like a hurricane hit it!”  He went in the backyard to start there.     I came up with a plan to… Read more

Pride Can Only Be Earned


By Julie Samrick Can you tell what this is?  It’s a clay gorilla, created in its entirety by my seven-year-old daughter.    The school assignment was to create a rain forest animal at home and to search for facts for their first little research report.  It was a great idea. I loved watching her learn… Read more

Best Disney Restaurants

Best Disney Restaurants

Sure Disneyland resorts and theme parks are great, but their restaurants have won numerous awards and accolades. Check out the best Disney restaurants for every occasion.

Meal Planning: Why It’s Worth It

meal planning

By Julie Samrick Very recently I’ve begun meal planning because until now I’ve always had the same annoying thing happen.  I’d go to the store, stock up, look at my full shelves and refrigerator and then, undoubtedly, I’d still think by the next day, What should I make for dinner?  Or worse, there’d still be… Read more

3 Tips For Parents About to Lose Their Cool

about to lose temper

By Julie Samrick   As parents we all know that feeling when we’re about to lose our tempers.  ”Blood boiling” is so cliche, but is indeed how it feels. Deep breaths and walking away are effective with people and with most life situations in general, but I know when I get frustrated with my children… Read more

How to Quickly Ripen Cantaloupes

ripen cantaloupes

My daughter loves cantaloupe, but I used to stay away from them unless it was melon season- summer.  That is until I learned a little trick: If you buy a cantaloupe at the store and sniff it, you can tell it’s ripe if you get a whiff of that sweet cantaloupe smell. However, if you… Read more