February 26, 2018

School Uniforms Would Keep the Peace

school uniforms

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By Julie Samrick

The public middle school I went to 25 years ago in the Bay Area now has a school uniform policy in place because of gang activity, and obviously parochial and many private schools have mandatory school uniform policies too, but lately I’ve been thinking how much easier life would be if all public schools made students wear uniforms.

We’re already having heated discussions with my third grade son about what’s appropriate to wear to school.  This is a kid, mind you, who had always been uninterested in fashion, who used to grab the first thing he saw to wear. Mismatched clothes used to be the only thing we had to mention.  Suddenly, starting this year in third grade, he’s been asking for skinny jeans, longer shorts, flat brimmed hats, and only sweatshirts “with zippers”- no pullovers, please.

My husband and son go back and forth about the gym shorts our son wants to wear to school now that the weather is getting warmer.  I’ve looked at the kids at his school, and many of them are wearing them.  My husband has softened from his stance that our son must wear only  collared shirts and Docker shorts to school,  but he’s keeping his foot down on the workout shorts.  We’ve tried explaining that we show respect to teachers by what is worn to school.  But he just sees his friends who are good kids wearing gym shorts.

I know we need to pick our battles, but this is a pretty strong one in our household right now.  I just can’t help but think if we had a school uniform, this is one battle we could skip entirely.

Where do you weigh in on this issue?



  1. Ann Van De Water says:

    I wore a Catholic school uniform from 3rd-12th grade. I still have an aversion to navy blue and white as well as blue plaid. I have longed for uniforms for my own kids. Mornings would be SO much easier. So would shopping and laundry!

  2. Caroline Taylor says:


    I used to have those same conversations and trepidations about the gym shorts at school (actually it started with Aaron waning to wear the gym sweats every day!) When in grade school, it we worried about respect and looking “school appropriate.” Later, in middle school, it became about “being cool” and were concerend that wearing sweats every day was a little awkward and we feared he might be bullie for being nerdy. Now, as a parent of a high schooler, I see that it really doesn’t matter anymore what they wear because there are a large variety of outfits to be seen–from fancy, dressed up girls in mini skirts nad high heels, to girls in pajama bottoms and uggs. Many boys wear jeans that drop down to their thighs, exposing their underware, and the jocks wear basketball shorts or sweats and hoodies every day…no one seems to even care. So, I say don’t sweat the small stuff and let him wear the silky shorts–after all, they’re cheap, easy to wash, and you never have to worry about which day is going to be P.E. tesing!!

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