November 23, 2017

Role Model on X Factor Sold Out

20-year-old Marcus Canty has been a favorite on the show with his amazing singing voice, bright smile, charm and charisma, and watching his bio interview before Wednesday night’s performance, I was going to add role model to the list. I was so proud of him when he spoke about his role model status to the young children back at his home church in Maryland.

Moments later his mentor, L.A. Reid, dismisses Marcus’s concerns about “selling out” as a role model when LA tells him to “be sexy, dirty, get himself into trouble” on stage for his rock performance of Piece of My Heart.  The screen flashes to Marcus saying, “It’s difficult…it’s definitely important for me to maintain my moral values.”

I was rooting for Marcus, but check out what the final performance looked like, including sliding through the legs of a gaggle of scantily clad gals.  Marcus didn’t listen to his conscience after all.

However, in such a huge arena, with pressure coming from all directions, it just goes to show how much young people are pressured in the show business industry.  It made me think of 17-year-old Justin Beiber being accused of fathering a baby.  Whether it’s true or not, how much are young people tempted and left to flounder in show business as long as everyone’s pockets are filled?

Simon said it best after Marcus’s performance when he said a bit disgustedly, thrown in with some arrogance since Marcus isn’t under his tutelage, “You said you were going to be a good boy, and then you looked up 10 girls’ skirts…there was too much temptation up there.”

I hope Marcus stays true to himself next time. X Factor


  1. Hi Julie, thank you for this post. I must agree with you on all that you said. I remember watching the clip before Marcus’ performance and thought “you go boy” and then he went and did what he did. It is just so sad I think that Christians allow themselves to be won over by what the world expects. He did what he had to do in order to make the cut, but I wonder when will real role models (Christians or not) stand up for values irrespective.

    Again, thanks for your post!

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