February 22, 2018

Rio: A Child’s Movie Review

by Kira Loutzenhiser

As I watched Rio, I was excited the whole time, not knowing what was
going to happen next. Rio is really great! It is rated G for all ages. The movie is
about a boy blue macaw, named Blue, who does not know how to fly. There is
also a girl blue macaw, named Jewel, who can fly. They are the last blue macaws
on Earth. Blue’s owner is a girl named Linda. An ornithologist finds Jewel. He
wants to breed Jewel and Blue so that blue macaws will not become extinct.
Linda takes Blue to Rio to meet Jewel, and they have dangerous and exciting

I recommend the movie because it is funny and the animation is great. I
liked the talking animals. People who do not like birds might not enjoy Rio, and
kids under four might be scared by this one really mean bird. I give it four stars.
It’s bird-tastic!

Kira Loutzenhiser, 9 years old

Orangevale Open K-8 SchoolRio

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