December 17, 2017

The Dr. Laura Interview is Here

Dr. Laura

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First, how it all started…From last June….

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to my Dr. Laura radio interview, it is clickable below in its entirety. What a wonderful opportunity!

To think went from something I brainstormed and shared with only family and friends, to discussing it on a national radio show only 6 weeks after launching it, was thrilling, and definitely daunting.  I felt like Cindy in The Brady Bunch episode when she was mesmerized by the red light while taping a television show, paralyzed from the awe of it all.

I do hope my passion and dedication for KidFocused comes through, though, and I’d like to thank you for your support. We have many new viewers since the interview aired.

As I said in my post-interview thoughts, I wish I was able to talk more about education and parents doing as much as they can to help their kids at home, and with summer here there are lots of opportunities to do just that.  No matter what level of education parents have, we should give ourselves enough credit to remember how important we are in our kids’ lives and that we are their first teacher.  No matter how old our kids are, we are the constant educator in their lives. It’s hard enough for their classroom teachers to juggle, let alone teach, many students, so it’s our part to fill in the gaps, and there are many exciting ways KidFocused will be there to help. Stay tuned.

At the end of the interview when we talked about coping mechanisms for being a stay-at-home parent, I should’ve also mentioned how important hobbies are.  I have more hobbies now than ever, and they keep me balanced. And we are always looking for what’s worked for you too- what are your own secrets or tips that have kept you sane during these child rearing years? No matter if you have a newborn or a college-aged kid, or you’re reflecting back now that your kids are grown, we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be sure to hear about the bikini article in the interview. Bikini-gate took me off guard, and at first I was concerned about Ann, the wonderful writer and mom who contributed it.  But when I thought about it later, the goal of KidFocused is supposed to engage thoughtful discussions- and I think Dr. Laura sparked a thoughtful discussion when it comes to the issue of whether or not to let our daughters wear bikinis.  My oldest daughter being only 5, I hadn’t considered as a mom what I would do about what swim suit she’ll wear.  Now I see two sides of the issue- and perhaps there are even more.

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Thanks!  Here goes…

Listen to the full interview or download by clicking the link below.

My interview with Dr. Laura Schlessinger


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  1. Kristin Sterett says:

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I knew that she would do that….it is her style…she has to be confrontational. I should have known that you would be just fine! Your very natural, honest, “here I am” personality came through!

    At your age, I would have been so angry and hot headed! Ole Dr. Laura would have loved beating up on me!!

    That would be a fun….what if game! What if Dr. Laura commented on something in your life…


  3. Heather Stokhaug says:

    That was great! You did better than I would have — no Cindy Brady for you! I thought you handled the bikini question really well — you didn’t sell out your contributor and still managed to see Dr. Laura’s point. I’m a huge fan of Dr. Laura’s, so I was super excited to hear you talking to her. Great job, Julie!

  4. Jessica says:

    You did a great job Julie! I liked how Dr. Laura called you ‘very sweet’ at the end!

  5. Katie Sanderson says:

    Julie you did a fantastic job answering Dr. Laura’s questions! You handled “bikini-gate” beautifully and got your message across. I have listened to Dr. Laura for many years and was a little disappointed in her interview, I felt like she could have asked better questions and didn’t need to spend so much time on the bikini issue. However it was a great opportunity and you really did SHINE! Like Jessica said, I too liked how Dr. Laura said “very sweet” at the end of the interview because that is exactly how you are! Good work, that was tough!

  6. Julie did a GREAT JOB and I am proud to have had her on my program!

    • Julie! I was so proud of you! You did great and kept your cool and presented your website and yourself so eloquently as is so typical of you! Way to go!

  7. Ann Van De Water says:

    Just listened to the beginning of the interview. I take issue with Dr. Laura’s point that you can’t go back on an issue. I think something that is appropriate for a child of a certain age whether it is a bikini or table manners or bedtime may not appropriate at a different age and we do go back and forth all the time.


  8. Susan Wachner says:

    Julie, you did FANTASTIC! We are so proud of you. What a tribute to your content and success to have an endorsement by her! I thought the interview was great, of course she has to throw in a little bandering back and forth on the bikini issue, thats what she does she makes us pause and think about our actions and consequences.
    I look forward to continue following kidfocused and hope to contribute one day too!


  9. Sel Richard says:

    Julie – you were AWESOME!!! I thought you handled the bikini issue just fine and it also illustrated the fact that your website is a place where any and all opinions are welcome. You were articulate and poised. Wow, I’m so impressed. I’m sure I would have totally choked!?!! :-D I am such a fan of Dr. Laura’s and you too!


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