February 24, 2018

Over the counter “Swimmer’s Ear” drops are not the same as the prescription

swimmer's ear drops

By Ann Van De Water Over the counter “Swimmer’s Ear” drops contain alcohol. The prescription is an antibiotic and does not contain alcohol. I learned this the hard way. My daughter had been complaining of ear pain so I told my husband I thought she had swimmer’s ear and that I’d make a doctor’s appointment for… Read more

The Truth About Drowning


By Mario Vittone The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach.   “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband said to his wife…. Read more

4 Secrets of Happy Families

happy family

By Lowry Manders I recently heard author Bruce Feiler interviewed on NPR about his book The Secrets of Happy Families and as I listened I thought to myself, “I have got to get a book published!” He is echoing so much of the things I preach (and try to live) about how to create happy families in my… Read more

For Kids Who Still Believe, “Rise Of The Guardians” Spoils The Wonder

rise of the guardians

By Julie Samrick “Christmas will never be as magical until you have children of your own,” my mother told me sadly after I declared there was no such thing as Santa Claus.  When another little girl spilled the news to me at school, first putting any doubt in my head, I quickly lumped the Easter… Read more

3 Phrases to Get Your Child to Listen to You Instantly

child listen

By Erin Kurt Throughout the years of being a teacher, mother and parenting coach, I realized that there are some very powerful phrases, that if used consistently, can be extremely effective when parents are trying to get their child to listen or to get them to do something instantly. Here are 3 very effective phrases… Read more

College Girls Looking for “Sugar Daddies” Abound

college girl

By Julie Samrick Watch out parents of young college girls, there’s a new Satan in town looking to tempt and then profit from your daughters.  The problem is, there isn’t only just one. There is a plethora of on-line dating sites, calling themselves arrangement sites, where young women looking to pay down college debt are… Read more