February 26, 2018

A Dog’s Life



My mom Julie enlisted me to write a holiday letter on behalf of the Samrick family this year. I hope this letter finds you well. As for me, I’ve nestled in pretty well since my adoption; though last summer I started to hear some grumblings about me moving on to another home. Right before my family left on a week’s vacation there were whispers about it, but those rumblings stopped as soon as they returned. Except for that little blip it’s been a good year.


I’ve enjoyed staying at the kennel quite often this year. Because of what they call my bad manners in the car (hey I get car sick!) and because they don’t want to impose by bringing me into other homes I’ve been staying there and it’s great.


Dad springs for the royal treatment too — I get three play sessions a day and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on top of the standard two square meals.


Our neighbor, Murphy, lost her dog sister recently. Murphy’s human family brings her over with them now and it’s great. I get my dog fix and she gets a surrogate brother.


I also look forward to Mondays at home. That’s when our “Pool Doctor” comes to fiddle around in the back yard. He and I have a game going — I bark like crazy because I know he’s got a treat in his pocket for me. Then I bark some more because I know he’s got two or three more. What I live for are these interactions with humans.


Dad is on a running kick these days, though I can’t completely figure out why he won’t take me with him. He drives to trails in other parts of town and always huffs something about my hair in his car when mom asks him to take me. (I wish they could see I’m a husky, a mush dog, in my blood.) I also think Mom gets frustrated Dad has rules about his car when her car is a punching bag — anything goes in that thing, e.g. Capri Suns, buckets of kids, me.


Mom likes to take breaks when she can, but with the kids and their activities she’s busy as ever. She loves writing and still writes for the local paper. Mom greets me with a smile when I wait beside her bed every morning; though she sure doesn’t smile when I bark at dogs passing by our house or when I “talk” to the dog behind us. It seems the earlier or later it is when I do that the madder she gets.


The boys love school and sports. (I like the balls and socks that come with said sports.) Baseball in the spring, swim team in the summer, and they just wrapped up soccer last month. A lot of other dogs go to the games and practices; I can smell that glorious scent when my family gets home. I look out the window when they leave and pace until they get home.


Catherine pays the most attention to me. Though it’s often humiliating to have a 4-year-old dress me up and liken my collar to a necklace, I’ve learned to enjoy her company.


Since the baby turned 2 this year those highchair baby scraps aren’t as regular to come by.  So when they’re all outside I remind them of my incessant hunger by gnawing on the grass or by chewing bark in front of them — now that makes a really great crunching sound that gets everyone’s attention!


I usually have one of our many Webkinz or dolls in my mouth, though I never chew them. I don’t know … they just comfort me somehow. I’d be happy with a bone or a dolly of my own, if you could pass along the message to Santa, but I’d also like more movie nights and the rare family hikes arranged. Especially during this busy time of year, nothing beats spending time with the whole family.


Well, here’s to another year.  Happy Holidays!


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This letter was written in 2010

a dog's life



  1. Cute! He has a great life with an awesome family! Lucky dog!

  2. can’t wait to read about dillon’s 2011 adventures!

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