February 21, 2018

Notes From the Past

By Lillian Sanderson


This evening I decided a game of Scrabble would be fun.  I found both my own game and the one that had belonged to my parents, who have been gone now for quite a few years.  I chose the old one.


Half way through the game, as I reached to replace my letter tiles, I happened to notice there was some writing on the bottom of the box.  There, in different handwriting, some faded, difficult to read, was a little history of time my parents spent with their grandchildren!  The space was not full of writing, maybe ten or twelve little remarks or just an autograph, but each had a date!


I saw that my children had written their names along with the dates of times they played this game with Grama and Grampa!  Little hearts along with “I love you” were beside some, a testament to the affection between them.  I literally stared at this box for several minutes. 


There was a date marked January 1967, written by my mother, and next to it simply, my name, “Lily.”


I have no idea why my mom decided to record that particular day.  I have no recollection of any of us signing this box.  I don’t know why these little love notes were written over so many years, 70’s, 80’s.


This is just a nice little mystery.  I will remember it any time I play a game of Scrabble; and for a moment, I will picture the smiling faces of those logging their names and the date, maybe in the hope that in some future time, another grandmother will continue with the next generation.


Sounds like a good plan!


Lillian is a midwestern mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of 10.


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