December 18, 2017

Never Say Never

never say neverJust as I never thought I’d be one to cut my kids’ hair after what I endured (crooked bangs in every one of my elementary school pictures), a few years back I finally understood why my mom took that route.  Ask any one of my kids today where they get their haircut and you’ll get a grin, er maybe a grimace, and they’ll say, “Julie’s House of Style!”


I’ve also always believed there are places where kids should be and where they should be off limits. No babies in the movie theatre or whining toddlers in fancy restaurants, for instance. However, Saturday night after church we unexpectedly went out to dinner.  I think every one in America goes out to dinner on Saturday nights! The first place we walked into had a 45 minute wait, then the next place and the next.


We laughed at the adventure at first, leaving our car in the crowded parking lot to find a restaurant on foot.  The 6 of us soon crossed a busy boulevard at night, shivering from the cold… and then the whining set in.


After the 5th restaurant told us the waiting time would have us eating later than the kids’ bed time, we finally walked into a nice place out of desperation; they could take us right away.


The kids oohed and aahed over the fire place in the lobby; they fought over the fresh bread.  I had to explain that I didn’t think the Macaroni would be Kraft and then they all had to go to the bathroom at the same time.


Well-dressed couples on date nights took us in, looking a lot like I would imagine people would when they see 4 kids under 10 in a nice restaurant.


We did our best, but let’s just say it was a humbling experience…


  1. My Mom gave me these awful permanents until finally in the eighth grade, when I got my class pictures back and I looked like my Brother, I informed her there were to be no more permanents and I grew my hair to my waist.

    Speaking of kids and restaurants, I remember a similar experience with my husband saying: “We’ll take them out to dinner again in about ten years!” Now they have children, and finally get it when we say: “Just wait til you have children.” But, of course, I would never have said that!

    Thanks for a fabulous website. So fun and informative. We’re all so proud of you!

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