February 22, 2018

My Parents are Cool

It’s been almost 40 years in coming to the conclusion, but my parents are definitely cooler than I ever gave them sufficient credit.

When I was a kid, they used to run with my three sisters and me to get in line for the most death-defying roller coasters the amusement parks had. My Dad eagerly taught us all how to snow ski, water ski, and frolic in the waves of the Pacific. Legend has it my Mom was swimming at the community pool with us only hours before delivering my little sister, her fourth baby. She took to the rink and roller-skated at my other sister’s birthday party only two weeks later.

So I always have my parents in the back of my mind when I do stuff with my kids, but as fun as I’d like to think I am, an adventurous spirit to be sure, I can’t quite measure up to Dave and Joyce.

Plus, when did motion sickness start? I rode with my 3-year-old daughter on an indoor, mini roller coaster last week. It made me nauseous. While trying to teach my 5-year-old how to pump her legs on a swing today at a park, I got a little queasy. No wonder I don’t see as many adults as kids run to be first in line at the Ferris wheel. But my parents, now grandparents, do.

Did I mention my Mom is taking her four grandsons, ages 7-10, to the Giants game tomorrow all by herself? And that she awed 6 of her 10 grandchildren last week, showing them how to swing like Tarzan into a creek? And my Dad has recently decided to buy a sailboat, a lifetime dream of his.

I must say, I am inspired.

This post was originally written for Sacramento Parent


  1. I want to have your parents! How wonderful for your kids.

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