February 22, 2018

Mothers’ Day Thoughts by Lillian Sanderson

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Motherhood is more than that short part of a woman’s life when she is carrying a helpless infant.   It is more than the child’s time of needing constant care.  Motherhood is a state of being.

There was never anything I wanted to do except be a mother.  I didn’t take classes for this career.  There were no slogans to give me encouragement when I doubted my calling.

I probably made a ton of mistakes.  God knows, I never felt totally secure in my decisions.

That being said, I have no regrets about this life of a mother.  I have done other things.  I have worked.  I have been creative.  I have helped loved ones through times of need because of illness.

But, as life goes on, I see that there is no more important or lasting contribution than parenthood.

No matter how large your business grows, or how magnificent your new house is, I would not trade it for one day with my kids!

Every time I get a text from a grandchild or a phone call from one of my adult children, I feel a little bit excited.  It sounds silly, but, honestly, that is the truth.  They are truly my favorite people.  I want to hear what they have to say and often it evolves into a lot of laughter!

So, as Mothers’ Day approaches, I hope that we all appreciate the glorious decision that is motherhood.  Whether the “mother” is really an Aunt or Grandmother who offered that nurturing love to you doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you acknowledge the person who stepped up and saw you as special enough to wrap in her mothering arms.

All the new moms need to hear the good news.  We need to tell the happy stories and share the successes.  Let’s let them know that it is not all easy but it is definitely all worth it. We need to respect each other, and be there when needed for some advice or help.

Not to forget the fathers’ importance in a child’s life, but this is, after all Mothers’ Day!

Lillian Sanderson is a midwestern mother to 5 grown children and grandmother to 10.






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