November 25, 2017

“Mom Was in the Trunk”

2 years after Susan Powell went missing, after her husband Josh supposedly took his 2 young sons camping and so knew nothing about it, it’s coming to light NOW that one of the sons drew a picture of his mommy in the trunk of the mini-van and also said, “We went camping. Mommy and Daddy got out of the car, but mommy never came back.”   The maternal grandparents had a foreboding feeling while the boys were in their care, yet Sunday Joshua Powell took his own life as well as his two young sons, saying he couldn’t live without them. Read more about this tragedy.


  1. Judges are the problem. There is a family court crisis that is sweeping our nation. It is sad and true that what happened to the Powell boys is happening EVERY SINGLE WEEK in America. The Center for Judicial Excellence has documented hundreds of similar murder suicides by mostly fathers, involving family court decisions that could have been prevented if divorce courts operated with the safety of children in the forefront.

    Mother Amy Leichtenberg’s two sons were murdered by their father during a custody dispute. When Amy refused to hand over her two sons to their abusive father, the cops came to arrest Amy for not following the judge’s court order, so she handed sons over to father, what ultimately was their death.

    How many more lives must we lose in this family court war that punishes protective parents by removing their ability to protect their children and whose only crime is trying to protect their kids from truly violent abusers? The movement for family court dismantling or reform is reaching a fevered pitch-if only the news media would listen to us and let us help connect the dots for you.

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