February 22, 2018

Middle school writer Jenny Lundquist taps into real teen issues

Jenny LundquistBu Julie Samrick

I had the pleasure of interviewing author Jenny Lundquist recently. She is a novelist with two books for middle school readers on bookshelves everywhere, but she’ll never forget her own awkward middle school years, which have proven to be her biggest inspiration to connect with young readers.

One memory especially stands out. “I was in seventh grade and wore big, coke bottle glasses,” she said. “Once, this really popular guy walked towards me and looked right at me. My vivid imagination made me think he’d say, ‘You’re pretty,’ or, ‘I like you.’ But what did he do? He walked up to me, licked his hand, and then smeared it on my glasses as he kept on walking.” Read more of my article featured this month in Sacramento Parent magazine

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