February 26, 2018

Melanie Amaro is a Role Model for Kids Today

melanie amaro is a role modelBack in September I was moved to write about Melanie Amaro, who had just auditioned for X Factor.  3 months later, she has a great chance of winning the grand prize of a $5 million recording contract tonight.

Once again, watching the finale with my kids, I literally got weepy hearing her soaring voice when she reprised her rendition of “Listen.”  I’ve got to hand it to the dynamic 18-year-old.  She may have a quiet presence, but every time I hear her sing I think I’ve waited 20 years for the next Whitney Houston, and here she is.

Not only does Melanie Amaro have the voice of one of the “greats,” she is a kind and humble person who is close to her family and speaks often of the morals that guide her.  With her back story of being bullied for being an immigrant to our country she is a role model for kids everywhere and proof that if kids surround themselves with the people who are loyal to them, they will be OK.  Plus, I admire Melanie for having the courage to share her beautiful gift, her singing voice, with the world.  At 18, I  sure didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there like that!

Take a look at her “$5o million performance” last night in case you missed it.

And  I loved when Simon said, “No one will be teasing you again after this.”

It’s wonderful to see a girl come into her own and gain confidence right before our eyes.  No matter what happens tonight, she is a winner in my eyes and I’m sure she’ll have a long and successful career. Good luck, Melanie!


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