December 18, 2017

Meals and Manners by Lillian Sanderson

meals and mannersBy Lillian Sanderson

On the topic of manners, table manners are important as well.  So many families are on the run at meal times that they rarely sit together and actually have a nice visit and enjoy a meal.  I sort of hate to suggest that there be some criticism imposed on the kids during these dinners, but that is how we all learned.  Quiet instruction and gentle reminders are all that is necessary.  Good example is the primary teacher.


It can be simply taught and become second nature to cut meat using the fork to hold it; then put down the knife, eating one bite at a time.


Which fork is for salad?  Not a question from the child who has seen two forks next to his plate at home.  He will be comfortable when he gets to a nice restaurant.


Elbows?  They just don’t go on the table ever!  Well, maybe at a picnic, but why?


Please pass the butter; and then it gets passed to each person without reaching over anyone.

Napkin on lap.

A prayer before the meal if appropriate.

Pleasant conversations throughout the meal.

Everyone getting a chance to tell about their day.


I could go on and reminisce about dinners with my family and silly games that I remember as a child when we were finished eating and still stayed in the dining room just because it was fun.  We all have to eat food; it may as well be a joy!  A family dinner does not have to be only for special events.


I guarantee that your children will look forward to the meal that is shared; and the greater frequency, the better the manners.  Not to mention the memories!


Lillian is a midwestern mother of 5 grown children and grandmother of 10 

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