February 21, 2018

McDonald’s No Longer Uses “Pink Slime”

pink slime

By Julie Samrick

It seems the people have spoken.  When I recently saw the pictures of the infamous pink goo with the caption “What food is this?”  I immediately thought, Strawberry Milkshake?  Eeeeeewwww!!  Not so.  The pictures that have gone viral are in fact a processed pink slime made from grinding up inedible animal carcasses (gives “made with rib meat” new meaning to me, that’s for sure) and then soaked in chemicals like ammonia. The slime is then artificially flavored and colored to look like patties and nuggets.


It seems many consumers must’ve stopped eating at chains like McDonald’s since the news broke because  they’re suddenly saying they no longer use the slime.


In a Food Revolution video starring chef Jamie Oliver last spring he first showed just how the pink slime is made.  Take a look:



It’s good we, the consumers, can make a difference by not opening our pocket books!!


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