February 21, 2018

Valentine Craft on a Budget

I am helping in my daughter’s kindergarten class later today for their Valentine’s Day party.  I had to think of one of the crafts to do with them and thought the idea on the cover of the February issue of Martha Stewart Living was cute

martha stewart valentine craft












The instructions show how to try-fold tissue paper to make the puffy flowers seen.  That’s a lot of prep to make that many tissue petals for 30 little hands to glue on to red paper, but I was thinking I’d be up to the task.  Then I saw how much it costs to buy that much tissue paper!!


I went to the Dollar Store and found red, white and pink silk flower petals- there were 300 in a package for $1.  Instead of buying flimsy construction paper as planned, I bought red poster board (again, at the Dollar Store- am a certified fan of that place now).  I bought 8 pieces of red, thick poster board for .50 each.  


I drew a heart and then used it for my template to make 31 others.  4 hearts per page.  I can’t believe I planned a project for 30 kids for  $10.  Talk about a bargain!


I tried it out with my younger kids to see how they’d do, plus it was a good craft to do this weekend. Here is my 3 year old gluing petals to her red heart. 











Here is the finished product my kindergartner made












And this is what my 3-year-old made.  











The kids today will get their pick of petal colors and they can make any design they wish.

This post was originally published in 2012.


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