December 17, 2017

Manners Scenarios: Opening Doors for Others

manners-sodaheadcom-150x150By Julie Samrick

Children should be taught to open the door for others when they are about 6 years old, or strong enough to do so.  I particularly like to see young boys doing this, but all kids should be taught to leave the door open for others.  


Last week I took my 8 and 10-year-old boys to a store.  There were two elderly women coming from behind us to the store entrance- I gave a quick, hushed reminder of “Hold the door for the ladies, boys.”  They opened the door and stood back so the ladies could enter first.


The women oohed and aahed and thanked me once inside for teaching my kids good manners.


“It’s an ongoing process,” I told them, “But thank you for the nice compliment.”


“Yes, it is ongoing,” one of the ladies told me.  “I’m still teaching my kids and they’re 50 and 52.”


It won’t happen overnight, but modeling polite manners and being consistent and kind with our reminders is key. 


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A credentialed teacher, Julie Samrick is now a stay-at-home mother of four kids and the founder of Kid Focused.


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  1. Thank you for this. I teach my 6 year old girl (and soon my 4 year old once he is big enough). Lets hope more adults are as thanksful as these elderly ladies were!

  2. Love this. I also teach my kids to hold the door for me and others. It is a wonderful habit for them to have.

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