February 22, 2018

Make Mini BLTS

Mini BLTS Kids will love these mini blts…for one thing they are just the right size for them!

After hosting a bbq, we had more mini slider buns left over than meat, so I got creative and made a lunch the kids loved.  You can also make these mini BLTs as appetizers at your next party.


Here’s what you need for 2 mini blts:

Toast 2 slider buns

Microwave 2 pieces of ready bacon for 30-60 seconds

2 thin slices of tomato

A handful of lettuce or I like the pre-washed “Shreds” lettuce

Spread mayo over one side of bun, stack each bun with one slice tomato, a bit of lettuce and break one piece of bacon in half, placing it in an X shape on top.


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