February 22, 2018

Make Flower Cupcakes

By Julie Samrick

My friend made these flower cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party today and I was so impressed I just have to share them with you.


flower cupcakes

This is how she makes them:

Bake and frost cupcakes as usual

Snip about 1/3 off a marshmallow with scissors, clipping it diagonally, which will make it pointy like a flower petal.

Dip the sticky side of the now cut marshmallow in colored sugar crystals and repeat for each petal.

Put one jelly bean in the center to complete the flower look.

You can make large petals or smaller petals, using large or mini marshmallows. Here is a recipe for homemade sugar crystals if you can’t find the color you want at the store.


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