December 18, 2017

Make a Meaningful Moment

By Lowry Manders

“Make a Meaningful Moment” This is one of the quotes that I have posted up in my house – next to the kitchen sink. Every now and then it causes me to step away from work or tasks, and BE with my kids in a meaningful way. Here is a perfect example of how this quote can be played out in real life:

Last night after the kids were finally in bed and asleep, we did the unthinkable…we roused them, disturbed their slumber, and dragged them out to the driveway. But there was a good reason – to show them a beautiful full rainbow in the evening sky following a summer shower!

After getting them to bed, I had moved to the back patio to work on the computer and enjoy the cooler air, the smell of rain in the air. As I  was going in, chased away by mosquitos, I noticed the corner of what could have been a larger rainbow. I came inside and considered sitting back down to work, but walked on out to the front yard to check it out, and sure enough there was a gorgeous, full rainbow with a fainter arch above – a double-rainbow!  

At first when I saw it, I thought, Oh well, too bad the kids are asleep. But then I paused to think of how special it would be to share with them. Dustin agreed that we should get MJ up because he probably wasn’t asleep yet. (He was, but he came out -wild-eyed and wild-haired, snug in D’s arms.) Then as the 3 of us were admiring it, I asked if I should get Ellie up…MJ was the one with the right idea, “Ellie needs to see this. Hurry, before it fades!

So, we all shared a magical rainbow moment, and made a special family memory. I talked about when we see a rainbow, it is always a reminder to slow down and remember that God promises to always love us. ..that YOU are a beloved child of God. We also saw a streak of incredible sidways lightning flash across the rainbow, then many seconds later heard the thunder. I sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” as we watched birds flying all around it, and just as the song ended…”Why, oh why can’t I?” we watched a bunch of colorful balloons lifting up into the sky from afar as if through the arches. MJ said, “perfect ending!”

It truly was a magical memory, and I’m so glad we chose to make it…not missing out in front of our computers, or keeping it to ourselves and not sharing it with the kiddos. As we tucked them back into bed, I invited them to go back to sleep and dream about rainbows and balloons!

Please know that I don’t always stop to make these “meaningful moments,” and I’m sure many chances pass me by every day. But I sure felt good about making the most out of that “meaningful moment” opportunity – thank you, God, for the rainbow.

{I sell a whole set of these “Mommy Manders” quotes at my seminars – little phrases that inspire and shape my parenting- for moms to put around the homes/ offices/ cars to help them focus on being a “Parent with Purpose” throughout the day. They are removable, and come with a little guide of mediations/ explanations for each one. I will soon be adding this item to my online store. Let me know if you’d like to pre-order a set for yourself for a discount – they also make a great gift!}

Lowry Manders is a Dallas mom of 2 young children, a Kindermusik teacher, child development expert, creator and speaker for Parent with Purpose, seminars, and writer/ blogger on Mommy Manders.

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