December 17, 2017

Make a Kid-Friendly Easter Center Piece

Kid-Friendly Easter Center PieceA friend was talking about making a wagon with a chocolate bunny pulling it.  Here’s my variation- I’m going to use it as the centerpiece on the kids’  table this Sunday.  What’s great, is the kids can help too!

Clean and dry one strawberry container- discard the lid.

Have the kids wrap the container  in any pastel colored construction paper.  My boys didn’t want pink (the girls’ vote) so we went with yellow and a straw colored piece.

I wrapped some ribbon around the bunny, so as not to tear off the foil, but to cover the packaging label.

Hot glue two wooden sticks from the bunny to the wagon.  I happened to have a skinny wooden dowel that I sawed in half, but you can use anything.

Put Easter grass in the wagon or even fresh grass or flowers.

Now I’m trying to decide what to put in it- maybe colored eggs, candy, or my bunny salt and pepper shakers.  What do you think?


Happy Easter!


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