December 17, 2017

Loving The Skin You’re In

by Renee Devine

As parents we want our children to have good self esteem, and it hurts us to learn they are ever self-conscious about their looks.  As a mother of three boys, I never thought I would have to worry as much about this as I would if I had daughters. It just seems like boys are not as concerned with their looks as girls are.  But as my oldest, 8-year-old, son is growing up,  I am realizing that this is far from the truth and my actions and words about my own perceived flaws are being absorbed by his increasingly absorbent brain and thoughts.


A few months back he was sitting on my bathroom counter while I was putting on make-up for the day.  We were having a lovely chat and as I was applying concealer and SPF 30 foundation he asked me what it was and why I was putting it on my face, to which I quickly answered, “To cover up my freckles and prevent new freckles from forming.”


There was silence as he turned to look at his own reflection in the mirror.  I caught a glance of his gorgeous blue eyes, curly brown curls and his beautiful skin, that after 8 years of living in the California sun is now sprinkled with his own adorable freckles across his cheeks and nose.  Oh how I wanted to take back those words!


I thought, Is he looking at his freckles now and wondering if he needs to cover them up or be ashamed of them?


I quickly changed the subject and we chatted more about other fun topics while I finished applying my make-up.


A few weeks later, I lost my foundation bottle—it was nowhere to be found!! I quickly re-ordered online.  It wouldn’t be arriving for at least a week and I wondered how I would survive without it!!??


Later that week, after running errands, attending meetings, soccer games, and trips to the pool and store—all with my freckles fully exposed– I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My freckles shined through my blushed cheeks. I couldn’t help but smile as I seemed to have grown into my freckles again…loving the fresh, natural look it gave me, loving my sunkissed cheeks and nose, loving that I match my own sons’ skin.


And this was my simple lesson in loving the skin you’re in…all taught to me by my son and a cosmetic company with slow shipping.

Loving The Skin You're In

Renee is the mother of 3 young boys, all who have beautiful fair skin and freckles to match their mom.