December 17, 2017

Little Things Mean A Lot

by Ann Van De Water

I was reminded of the saying “Little Things Mean A Lot” this morning.

My husband was leaving for a business trip.  I kissed him goodbye and said, “You look nice,” as he was dressed up for his trip in dress slacks and a dress shirt rather than his usual “engineer uniform,” a polo and khakis or jeans.

He smiled and joked, “So do you.”

I looked down at my old robe through my very outdated glasses (hadn’t put my contacts in yet) and we both cracked up.

Later that morning I went out to put something in the garbage and realized he’d already moved the garbage cans to the driveway, as tomorrow is garbage day.

“Yes!” I thought to myself.  “I won’t have to lift those heavy, stinky cans up and roll them through the gate and down the driveway.”

Ah… that’s romance.Little Things Mean A Lot



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