December 17, 2017

Little Kids Shouldn’t Check-in to “Hotel Transylvania”

hotel transylvaniaBy Julie Samrick

In a Romeo & Juliet dilemma two star-crossed lovers are kept apart, but to make the chasm even deeper, Johnny is a 21-year-old mortal in love with Maevis, a 118-year-old vampire.  Her father, Count Dracula (played by Adam Sandler), loathes humans so much he’s built a gothic “Hotel Transylvania” for all monsters who seek refuge from the persecution of humans.


Hotel Transylvania first begins when Maevis is an infant in 1895, which is also the time Bram Stoker’s Dracula was written.  The movie is a silly parody of vampires and the monsters we thought we knew so well, showing them to be sensitive and misunderstood while humans are the ones to be feared. 


Fast forward to present day. After more than a century of running the thriving hotel, single dad, Dracula, plans his daughter’s 118th coming of age party while going to great lengths to keep her his dependent, baby girl.


The attention to detail is great in this movie.  It’s fun to see the silly cast of spooky characters who stay at the hotel, like Frankenstein, Big Foot, and more.  There are clever references to the mega-hit franchise Twilight and current pop music keeps Hotel current too.


There are themes about father/ daughter love, trust, and why we often make misconceived notions about others. 


I’d hold off on showing very young kids this movie, though, because it can be frightening in several different parts.  There is fast-paced action, scary music, startling pop-ups, fire, and zombies with pitchforks through their heads, just to name a few examples.


Kids over 8 will like the humor and will appreciate seeing the movie during this Halloween season. 


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