December 17, 2017

Lego Goes After the Other 50%

Legos are consistently popular among both boys and girls as toddlers, but the more intricate, smaller models that boys seize on from about age 6 largely leave girls cold. In “Lego Is for Girls,” Bloomberg Businessweek profiles the research that led Lego to create an all-new line for girls (scheduled to be released January 1st).  Read more


  1. we have a huge bucket of legos that were mark’s. i think i can count on 1 hand the number of times kira has played with them in the past 10 years. she’d rather build a fort with big blankets, chairs, and a mop than build a fortress with little plastic blocks. not sure if she would have played with legos anymore often if they had been pink. since she was 6, her favorite color has been green.

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