December 17, 2017

It All Boils Down to Sugar

My extremely fit husband came home from having his first physical in awhile (now that he’s over 40 and I’ve been lovingly nagging him to do so).  And I was surprised to learn he’s got high cholesterol, not needs-to-be-on medication high, but borderline high.  I remember when we both had physicals to get life insurance after our first child was born almost a decade ago. We both had normal cholesterol, nothing to prompt tips for a healthier lifestyle when the nurse called with lab results.

So, seeing that my husband is fit, more so than I am, I can only assume I have borderline high cholesterol too.  And then I immediately feel guilty, since I do all of the shopping and cooking around here.

But when my husband sent me  an article (See triglycerides article) I felt empowered.  Did you know that sugar is the largest culprit when it comes to high cholesterol? Not butter, bacon and eggs, but sugar?

Since my mom changed her diet since being diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago she has told me time and again cancer gobbles up sugar, thriving off it. Sugar loves cancer and cancer hearts sugar. It’s all starting to make sense.

Dr. Oz always talks about sugar aging our skin, contributing to Type II Diabetes, and adding inches to our waistline.  But adding to high cholesterol? Sugar… in its many forms and derivations indeed it does, coming at us in some of our favorite things: white starches, processed foods, alcohol. And high fructose corn syrup shouldn’t be taking all the blame either.

I know we’ve been told to eat low fat,  low-carb, and smaller portions. If you’re like me you’ve been scratching your head all the while.  But now I’m confident staying healthy and fit comes down to minimizing sugar in our diets. It just makes sense.

When I think about the characters I see in older television shows and movies everyone is trim.  June Cleaver serves carrots, a sandwich, and white milk to Jerry Mathers for lunch.  They weren’t eating Lunchables, Capri Suns, goldfish or take-out. But those things are EVERYWHERE.   It takes planning to cut all the sugar out of our diets because we’re bombarded with it.

So now I’m trying to cook for a family of 6 while cutting back on sugar.  Anyone want to do a recipe swap?

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