January 18, 2018

Indoor Play Lands Exposed

Dr. Erin M. Carr-Jordan, a psychology professor and mother of 4 from Arizona, has inspected 50 indoor restaurant playgrounds in 11 states in recent months after a trip to one in April was so disgusting it shocked her into wanting to know just how germy these places really are. Her swab tests have revealed a plethora of potentially harmful bacteria such as staph, fecal matter and the germs that cause meningitis and gonorrhea.

The video below shows one such play area up close; I’ve been to many just like it in the past decade with my 4 kids, but I just fervently make sure they wash their hands before eating anything.  Aren’t most public things we touch and sit on disgusting? e.g. movie theatre seats, shopping carts. etc.  Dr. Carr-Jordan is pushing for legislation mandating stricter standards for these play areas.  Do you think legislation is necessary?



  1. i went in one of those with my daughter at a fast food place when we were traveling in colorado – and felt like i needed to take a shower afterward. it was disgusting and irresponsible. we’ve never been back to any kind of place like that. i feel there absolutely should be standards for cleanliness at these restaurant play lands. in my opinion they should be inspected like the kitchen and dining areas are inspected. i am always a fan of education and community action rather than legislation whenever possible. but seriously these places can be totally abysmal. and they are part of a restaurants for goodness sake.

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