February 26, 2018

I Think I’ll Shrink Wrap That!

shrink wrapI had 12 teachers to buy holiday gifts for this year- 12!  But I did it without breaking the bank, and I think I made the ordinary look great with some shrink wrap.  You can find it at any craft store- I got mine at Michael’s- and it costs about as much as a roll of wrapping paper.

Just hold it firm over your desired item like saran wrap and then hold a hair dryer to it.  It cinches (or shrinks) to the shape of whatever you’re wrapping right before your eyes!

I bought little baskets and filled them with soaps, chocolate, and hand sanitizer. Modest, but it looked like a real gift basket- the items showing clearly through the taut plastic.  I also liked that the kids could take the baskets to school and everything wouldn’t fall out.

It was so much fun I wished I’d had 12 more little gift baskets to  wrap.  I even told the kids I may start shrink wrapping their sandwiches! Watch out :)

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