November 24, 2017

‘How the States Got Their Shapes’ is a Gem


How the States Got Their Shapes.

with host Brian Unger

By Julie Samrick

Did you know that hundreds of years ago even the first American settlers wanted waterfront property, which is what in large part shaped the borders of the first states? Or that California is shaped the way it is because of gold?  Did you know there was a state (now a part of Tennessee) for 4 years called Franklin?  And to this day, the Haskell Free Library in Vermont sits directly atop the U.S./ Canada border?


My husband bought the DVD How the States Got Their Shapes for the kids, but I think he and I got as much out of it as they did.  Packed with interesting trivia about how the 50 states got their unique shapes and borders, it is the most interesting course in American geography I’ve ever had.


It left me wondering why, in all my years of school, I’d never heard such amazing stories before?  My 8 and 10-year-old sons loved it too.  It’s fun, entertaining, and above all educational.  It is must viewing for anyone from 8 years old and up. 


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