February 26, 2018

How did you combat holiday stress?

images-1The holidays can be a stressful time for many. One of the times I tried to keep my cool was when our family got caught up in the shipping delays that affected so many others nationwide.


By mid-December I wanted to keep remembering the reason for the season and one thing I thought might simplify things would be to not slave in the kitchen all day on Christmas Day. Plus, we were leaving the next day to drive 800 plus miles with the kids to visit ailing relatives. So I splurged and ordered a Honey Baked Ham for our family and company to feast on for Christmas dinner. But, alas, when our promised December 23rd shipment didn’t arrive, and my husband checked the tracking only to find our ham was still in Anaheim and wouldn’t be delivered until the 27th, I knew I’d be roasting our main course (whatever it might be) after all.


Still believing in UPS’s promised delivery, and turning a blind eye to the news shipping delays nationwide were a top story, I didn’t make a new game plan until later in the afternoon on Christmas Eve.




Reality set in just as I dashed, frazzled, to our neighborhood grocery store. Within minutes Bobby in the meat department greeted me with a calm and friendly, “How may I help you?” as I scurried from turkeys and seafood to hams and various cuts of beef.




Bobby wore a white apron, foreshadowing the angel he turned out to be. Very quickly I poured out my story, and how I’d already bought all the sides to go with ham, but maybe I should go with turkey or roast beef after all. He helped me plan a menu that was better than before and he even jotted down instructions for the best, foolproof roast ever (and I even got a little ham for the kids which he promised would be better than Honey Baked if I followed his glazing instructions). Suddenly I didn’t care so much about a mess if I knew it would turn out well, plus I’d still spent less than on the seven pound Honey Baked Ham.  




I skipped out of the store, but not before hugging Bobby and wishing him a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It was another reminder to live in the moment, to remember our relationships with our fellow man is still a top reason for the season, and most importantly, why I should have shopped local from the beginning.  




Did you get sidetracked from shipping delays or anything else and have to combat holiday stress? What did you do?


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Happy New Year!


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