December 18, 2017

Have kids do chores a la carte

Up until now, I’ve had a hard time with chore charts.  Paying weekly just didn’t seem to work- I’d forget, or my kids would lose motivation, knowing they’d get paid at the end of a long week.  Now I give each of my older boys (7 and 9) $1 every time they scoop  dog poop off the grass.  The deal is, they have to do it anyways, but they can earn an immediate $1 if they do it with a smile, or they can do it and not earn any money at all. So far, so good.  They’re practically running for their little shovels when they get home from school now.

Also, they all (all 4 of the kids) either earn a quarter a day or they lose a quarter a day for doing (or not doing) simple things like brushing their teeth, remembering to make their bed, etc.  The 3 and 5 year olds aren’t really into it yet, but again, with older kids, it’s working like a charm and I don’t have to nag!

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